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Mailing Added to Contact Center Programs to Enhance Outcomes

How Axion’s Contact Center Program Drives Enhanced Outcomes 


After almost two years of staying home, people are eager to make up for lost time. From going on spontaneous trips and planning big events to embracing new hybrid and remote work styles, home is once again just one of many destinations in our busy days. As health providers, we love to see people on the move. But we also understand how much harder that makes contacting them about important health matters.  


For many providers, it can be hard to keep up with every individual circumstance to ensure all of their members get the information they need. Having the right support from a team that specializes in outreach and follow up can be invaluable to keeping members engaged and proactive in their care. And that’s why Axion is here. 


Our Contact Center Program covers multiple, strategic touchpoints based on specific member information in order to establish an initial connection and develop a meaningful, on-going relationship. The team utilizes our resources to understand the barriers of communication and then  surrounds members with everything they need to understand their options and maintain health compliance. We help members steer their overall healthcare in the right direction, so they can better utilize the benefits available to them.  


And now, we’ve supplemented our approach with another highly-effective method: strategic mailing. Our outreach program starts with an introductory letter providing notice that we will be contacting them and when, so they are more likely to receive the call positively. It also provides them with information to get in touch with us, giving them the option to make the initiation. For members who don’t respond, we’ll provide follow up to encourage a conversation. 


Our comprehensive outreach strategies are designed to help providers in whatever areas they need, which includes on-going communication and assistance throughout the care process. After initial outreach, Axion has the ability to maintain a constant pulse on a member’s care between doctor’s visits through regular monitoring of results provided by our at-home kits and equipment (e.g., blood pressure or blood sugar monitors, A1C or Nephrology kits, etc.). This assistance has been extremely effective in getting members into a compliant state and can work in a couple of ways:


  1. The member provides verbal results and updates over the phone. An agreement is established before an at-home kit is provided; we’ll set up dates and times for routine follow-ups with clear goals and expectations that help them track their own health and report it back to our team.
  2. We provide specific equipment with real-time monitoring capabilities that track results and data through satellite. This information is automatically sent to our team, helping us prioritize the members’ needs and take the appropriate next steps.


This real-time monitoring is a valuable tool for allowing us to quickly self-correct and focus on the right members to improve compliance. As a result, providers can be confident that their members have what they need to make the most of their care, which in turn, will help improve Star Ratings and advance their specific health initiatives.  


From the very first touchpoint, our Contact Center Program is focused on building a relationship with each member to help them take ownership of their health.  If you’re interested in learning more about how Axion can support your contact programs, contact us today.