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Axion Contact Verticals

Axion Contact currently supports multiple verticals, including healthcare non-clinical, healthcare clinical, hospital systems, retail/e-commerce, financial services, transportation, retail and back-office/data entry programs. As we continue to grow we will be adding additional services.

Healthcare Services/Hospital System Support Team

Axion Contact, a healthcare services company, is certified by HITRUST CSF and Joint Commission. We are fully compliant with HIPAA adherence. Over the last decade we have provided contact center support for over 10 million lives. We create customized member engagement, member care, and administered wellness touch points. These member engagement efforts increase STAR ratings, improve HEDIS/HOS scores as well as your overall member satisfaction. Axion Contact leadership team is composed of managed care executives and contact center industry leaders known for their dynamic and innovative approach which consistently exceeds our health care client’s expectations and key performance metrics. Some of the Healthcare Services we offer are:

Axion Contact is CSF Certified by HITRUST

STARS Programs (Patient/Member Outreach Touch Points) Maintaining and increasing your STAR rating is the key to a health plan’s success. Call Center Solutions play an important role in STAR rating and Axion Contact has over a decade in providing support in this area. We recently helped a health plan increase their STAR rating one full point.

Health Surveys/HRA (Health Risk Assessments) HRA’s are extremely important to understand newly enrolled members health and overall health awareness. Axion Contact has developed ways to increase member contact rates and HRA completion rates.

GAPS In Care Programs Having members that are not completing their annual screening and necessary doctor appointments can be problematic. Creating a solution that educated members while increasing compliant members can potentially increase STAR rating, reimbursement rates while lowering operating costs. Most importantly these campaigns can increase the health of your members!

Customer Care Axion Contact can create a full service member care customer service environment. We can review plan benefits, premiums, pharmacy locations, doctors in network/out-of-network, coordinate care and more.

Telephonic Enrollment Using a health licensed agent we can create a sales call center team that handles enrolling members that have made a decision and are ready to enroll NOW.


Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence (Clinical Call Center Agents, Non-Clinical Call Center Agents or a combination of both) – review newly prescribed treatments, educate members on current prescriptions, ensure that members are being compliant with current medications, reconcile medications or complete a comprehensive review of medications post hospitalization.

Care Management Using a clinical call center agent we can create a full service care management call center campaign that works with your members to improve their health.

Appointment Setting/Appointment Reminder/Post Appointment Survey We can set appointments for the sales team, in-house exams and screenings or at local provider’s office or clinic.

Overflow During certain times of the year call volumes increase within healthcare, especially for Medicare Open Enrollment periods. Axion Contact can partner with you to offer the support needed to ensure you achieve CMS required service levels and answer rates.

“Increase STAR ratings and HEDIS/HOS scores with Axion Contact’s Compliant & Secure (HiTrust, HIPAA,) Healthcare Call Center Services and Solutions.”

Data Entry

Axion Contact offers solutions that help our clients with back office administrative type functions which include data entry, response to emails or social media accounts, phone append manual look-up processes and more. If you need a team of employees to perform non-customer or member interactions we can customize a solution to meet your needs. Axion Contact can connect directly to any tools or systems that our client’s use to perform these tasks or we can use our systems and securely pass any data back and forth through multiple technology solutions including SFTP or API.

Answering Services

Axion Contact offers answering service solutions for healthcare, hospital systems and provider (doctor) networks. Our solution can be utilized when all of your support staff team members are busy, after business hours or weekends. We customize the call flow process so we can provide you with any call details, near-time via email, transfer callers to your support staff and provide detailed summary reports of all interactions. We train our after hours service team to use your approved talking points and escalation processes so each interaction is handled per your expectations.

Clinical Services

Axion Contact (HiTrust certified) offers a skilled clinical team with superior customer service and HIPAA Compliant clinicians. Our clinical services help support your health plan and/or hospital system’s patients and members with a variety of health education, coaching, and wellness services. Adding clinical support to your existing contact center programs increases your ability to focus on your patient’s health needs. Our clinical team can assist patients/members in health education and health literacy, medication adherence, chronic care management, navigation of the health system, appointment scheduling, and more. Our experienced clinicians can help close gaps in health care and can potentially increase your health plans STAR rating, HEDIS and HOS scores, and PMPM reimbursement rate. These services can also increase members compliance with preventative screenings and health management which ultimately decreases your operating costs. Axion Contact offers custom call scripting based on clinical need, seasoned clinicians with years of experience, and quality assurance procedures. Currently our clinical team supports Medicare, Medicaid, Dual-eligible, and Special Needs Plans.

HIPAA Compliant Axion Contact adheres to all HIPAA standards and is HiTrust certified.

Medicare Stars and HEDIS Measures Improve PMPM reimbursement rates, close gaps in care, and increase STAR ratings/HEDIS scores through the expertise of a wide variety of clinician’s offering comprehensive guidance.

Medication Adherence Improve medication compliance with assistance obtaining refills, education on importance of taking medications as prescribed, and development of an individualized practical plan to improve medication adherence.

Navigation of Health Care System Clinicians provide assistance finding experienced providers and scheduling appointments for screenings, tests, post discharge appointments, vaccines, etc.

Health Education Clinicians provide education on disease processes, health literacy, and the importance of preventative care for chronic conditions. Health education empowers patients to be proactive in their health management.

Patient Focused Experienced clinicians prioritize patient needs using clinical expertise and compassionate individualized care.

Variety of Licensed Clinical Agents Axion Offers a wide variety of certified clinicians to meet any need. See below for details on Axion’s professional clinical staff.

  • Nursing (RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, and NP’s)
  • Nutritionists
  • Registered Dieticians (RD’S)
  • Pharmacists (RPH’s)
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Certified Case Managers


Registered Nursing Axion offers experienced nursing professionals from a wide variety of clinical backgrounds. The RN’s are expertly trained in patient satisfaction and positive customer interaction.

Nurse Practitioners Nurse Practitioners play a vital role by using their advanced level of care to aide patients in managing their chronic conditions.

CNA’s and LPN’s Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses provide excellent customer service to patients while offering comprehensive health education.

Mental Health Professionals Mental Health Professionals offer access to readily available support while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

Certified Case Managers Axion Certified Case Managers help patients navigate the health care system while focusing on their individual care needs.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Axion offers Licensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians providing comprehensive medication reviews, medication reconciliations, and assistance with medication adherence through education.

Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists Axion Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists offer easy to follow diet advice to patients helping them manage their chronic conditions with follow up conversations and accountability.

Financial Services

As the financial services industry has changed over the years Axion Contact has changed with them and been able to offer solutions that assist in generating new customers and providing a great customer experience. Some of these solutions in the banking and mortgage industry include, lead qualification and generation, application enrollment, appointment setting, customer service, and survey calls.

Government Call Center

Axion Contact has extensive experience with Local (County) and State Government Call Center Programs. Whether they are a one-time project, seasonal support or ongoing campaigns we have customized our solutions in order to exceed program objectives on every level – customer experience, key performance metrics, and budgets. Due to our flexibility, scalability and out of the box thinking we have been extremely successful at consistently exceeding Government expectations.

Customer Service Gauge your current member’s satisfaction and hear how they currently feel about your service and what needs to improve.

Customer Enrollment A team that is ready to answer and resolve all of you current member questions.

Customer Survey A team of agents that are your internal sales team for customers who are ready to become members.

Retail contact Center Solutions

As the consumer retail world continues to change, the importance of offering your customers multiple communication methods has become a must when creating an exceptional customer experience. Customers demand speed of response, communication options (phone, email, chat, text) and customer centric interactions. At Axion Contact we partner with state-of-the-art technology companies (Oracle and Five9) in order to maximize multi-channel touchpoint options that we can offer our clients and their customers.

Our direct to consumer US Based Customer Retail Call Center solutions include:
  • Website / Online e-Store
  • Customer Engagement Sales Strategies
  • Customer Service / Care Solutions
  • Customer Retention Efforts
  • Customer Reactivation Efforts
  • Credit Card Decline Campaigns

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