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Clinical Support

Imagine clinical support that can not only improve the patient experience, but also improve their overall health. Now, imagine being able to offer that to your members as part of their health plan. With Axion’s Clinical Support, it’s possible. We can partner with you to offer your members the guidance they need on their search for healthcare services. 

What is Clinical Support? 

Clinical support refers to the provision of medical expertise and advice to individuals seeking healthcare services. With services such as telephonic consultations, disease management programs, and care coordination, the overall goal is to help members be more active in their own health journey and feel more confident in their decisions along the way. By supporting them with the right information and resources, we can ensure that understanding your plans and their benefits is easier and more enjoyable, so your members feel completely supported in their needs.


 Top 4 Benefits of Offering Clinical Support


  1. Access to Medical Experts. Clinical support allows your members to easily connect to a medical expert for any questions or help they may need. Having this online option is invaluable to getting the support they need without leaving their home. In the cases of many members with busy schedules or difficulty getting around, this is a huge differentiator. It saves them time and money, while ensuring they get the guidance they need.  
  2. Better Disease Management. Clinical support can help members enhance their ability to more effectively manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.  This continuous resource will provide education on medication management, life-style changes, and self-care that will positively impact their treatment journey, improving their health outcomes and reducing the risk of greater health complications. 
  3. Simplified Care. For members that require care from multiple healthcare providers, clinical support helps simplify the process by coordinating their treatments, medications, and appointments for them. This can help lower the risk of medical errors between the various providers a member has to see on a regular basis and give them more confidence in their care.  

A Greater Sense of Empowerment. Having quick and convenient access to medical professionals will give your members the assurance and motivation to be more involved in their care. When they feel more supported in their journey, they’ll become more empowered in managing their health. Members will not only be more confident in their decisions, but also feel more satisfied with their health plan, giving them the type of member experience they deserve.

Axion’s clinical support is designed to elevate your member services by giving them the guidance and expertise they need to understand their plan and feel more confident in their journey. If you’re interested in integrating clinical support into your health plans, contact Axion to learn more today.