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Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs): Improving Customer Experience & Operational Efficiencies Simultaneously

With the customer experience at the top of everyone’s mind, finding new ways to deliver on increasing demand and expectations is key. But before you can make a good impression on your customers, you have to be efficient and effective internally. Integrating new technologies that can help you improve your processes and elevate your service are key to standing out and being successful. And when it comes to your contact center, that’s where Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) can make all the difference.

IVAs are computer programs that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to simulate human conversation, while providing a personalized assistance that customers expect from every interaction with you.

Wondering how they can help your business? Here are 5 ways Axion IVAs can elevate your service and operations.

How Can Axion IVAs Support Your Contact Centers? 

  1. Enhanced Customer Service.
    The interactions your customers have with your brand completely defines their experience. Improving operational efficiencies shouldn’t have a negative impact — in fact, it should elevate it as a result. Imagine having a customer service representative available 24/7; one that never conveys feelings of fatigue or frustration and never requires a sick day. That’s a major benefit of an IVA. They can offer excellent customer service, getting your customers the answers they need, finding solutions to their problems, and alleviating their concerns — anytime, anywhere. And they are always happy to do so.  
  2. Reduced Costs.
    One of the top drivers behind being more efficient is saving money. With IVAs, your customer service costs are confined to the technology, and not dependent on additional salaries and benefits, PTO, human error, etc. As a result, you can reduce your overall customer-facing costs while improving their overall experience. 
  3. Greater Personalization.
    Thanks to today’s technology, consumers demand both convenience and compassion. They expect you to understand their specific needs and make them feel special. IVAs offer that level of personalization. You can provide a more customized and engaging experience that establishes a more meaningful connection than other chatbots and technology out there. This type of experience can not only help increase sales, but also establish stronger customer loyalty to keep those customers coming back.  
  4. Data Interpretation
    The data you have will only bring you value if you understand how to interpret that. IVAs can help you do just that. They have the intelligence to review and analyze the customer data you collect in order to gain valuable insights. By using IVAs to interpret customer interactions, your company can identify patterns and trends in terms of behaviors, preferences, and needs which can be used to help you make more informed marketing decisions and develop more effective sales strategies — all of which will help you stay ahead of the curve. 
  5. Automated Processes
    Automation is one of the most effective ways to improve operational efficiencies. IVAs can be implemented to help minimize the manual aspects of your businesses processes and streamline your workflow.

    For example, IVAs can handle routine responsibilities, such as data entry, scheduling, and appointment booking. By automating these tasks, companies can free up their employees to focus on higher-value activities that require human expertise and engagement. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys data entry or scheduling, so let Axion IVAs take care of the grunt work so that your team can focus on the things they really enjoy. 

It’s simple: The more efficient you can be, the better you can serve your customers. Whether it’s sales and marketing, employee support, data analysis, or process automation, IVAs can help companies achieve their business objectives while improving the overall customer experience. At Axion, we are here to support your contact centers in whatever ways they need. And as AI technology continues to advance in the upcoming years, you can expect us to be on top of even more innovative uses of IVAs. Contact Axion today to learn more.