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Medical Device Monitoring

Medical Device Monitoring: Keeping an Automated Pulse on Patients Care


Keeping a pulse on your members’ health between doctor visits is a vital part of maintaining a high level of care. For many providers, connecting with a member and getting the information they need isn’t as simple as one phone call —or even two, or three. Ensuring you have the resources to continuously support your members and gather all the necessary information to keep them healthy sometimes requires a little help. 


Axion Contact can be your partner. Our medical device monitoring services gives you full transparency into a member’s compliance and health status. Through both our household and wearable devices, we can track the actions a member is taking — or not taking — in regard to their care which will trigger the necessary next steps, so you can support them in the ways they need.

Contacting Members with Compassion & Purpose


It starts with the initial contact. Axion will mail out the necessary equipment to your members (i.e., blood pressure or blood sugar monitors, A1C or Nephrology kits, etc.), reach out by phone to ensure it was received and walk them through how to use it. Whether it be regularly taking their blood pressure or checking their glucose levels, our team of experienced and compassionate professionals help members understand why consistency is so determinative to their health and how these devices will make their daily compliance a lot less tedious. 


Automating the Process with State-of-the-Art Technology

Once their device is set up and in use, our team will monitor all input for any issues. For example, if a member’s blood pressure is high, the system will notify us, allowing us to make a call to the patient to check in, or in more serious cases, put them in touch with a nurse or clinical professional who can assist them further. Each call type is dependent on the data collected, ensuring the member gets the right level support they need.

And all of the data is housed through our web-based portal, allowing you to access any information you need in real-time, plus the ability to set up alerts or rules that customize actions based on the information received. This automated monitoring enables you to quickly and proactively react to potentially dangerous situations for your members. You can even give your member access to the portal as well, so they can better stay on top of their numbers and be more confident in their health goals. 

Depending on your and your members’ needs, this can work in a couple of ways:


  1. The member self-manages their device and provides updates over the phone. An agreement is established involving specific dates and times for routine follow-ups, where we’ll provide clear goals and expectations to aid them in self-tracking and reporting back to our team.
  2. We provide equipment with the real-time monitoring capabilities that track results and data through satellite. All information is automatically sent to our team, allowing us to prioritize the members’ needs and react accordingly.

Helping Providers & Patients on the Care Journey

Putting medical monitoring devices into the hands of patients, and reinforced by the real-time support Axion can provide, has been extremely effective in getting members into a compliant state. It starts with helping them better understand why you’re monitoring their care routines and the important role it plays in keeping them healthy. 


Having a provider that offers this level of attention and support not only helps make it easier for them to maintain good health, but it also shows you care. Axion can help you differentiate your processes from other providers with an elevated standard of care, while improving your Star Ratings and advancing your specific initiatives. With an easier process and friendly reminders, it’s more likely they’ll stick to it — helping you keep them out of the hospital and at home where they belong.