Medicaid Redetermination

As unemployment rose impetuously during the early months of the COVID pandemic, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act gave states the ability to waive eligibility requirements for Medicaid to assist the millions who lost their jobs — along with their employee-subsidized health insurance.

Medical Device Monitoring

Keeping a pulse on your members’ health between doctor visits is a vital part of maintaining a high level of care. For many providers, connecting with a member and getting the information they need isn’t as simple as one phone call —or even two, or three. Ensuring you have the resources to

Mailing Added to Contact Center Programs to Enhance Outcomes

After almost two years of staying home, people are eager to make up for lost time. From going on spontaneous trips and planning big events to embracing new hybrid and remote work styles, home is once again just one of many destinations in our busy days.

Post Hospital MRP

Providers understand the importance of post-hospital medication reconciliation program (MRP) and how difficult this process can be within a 30-day window of discharge. For patients with complex medical regimes, the transition from the hospital to the home can be dangerous and convoluted. 

Addressing SDOH to Impact Health Goals “Social Determinants of Health”

No two patient journeys are the same — each of which are influenced by numerous factors that are ever-changing. And when we talk about getting the right care, the discussion tends to focus on our experience within the four walls of a doctor’s office, from the physician we see to the tests or medications we’re given.