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Post Hospital MRP

Eliminating the Gaps in Post-Hospital Medication Reconciliation


Providers understand the importance of post-hospital medication reconciliation program (MRP) and how difficult this process can be within a 30-day window of discharge. For patients with complex medical regimes, the transition from the hospital to the home can be dangerous and convoluted. 


According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, nearly 20% of patients experience adverse events within three weeks of a discharge, nearly three-quarters of which could have been prevented or mitigated. At Axion, we understand the hurdles that health insurance providers face in post-hospital medication reconciliation and the implications it can have on you and your patients.

Addressing the Challenges in Post-Hospital Medication Reconciliation


Within 30 days of a patient’s discharge from the hospital, it’s the primary care provider’s responsibility to go over and reconcile their new medications. But despite a running clock, that’s not their only focus, and on top of the lack of time, a handful of patient scenarios can make that even more challenging. According to a report by the Institute of Medicine’s Preventing Medication Errors, the average hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication error per day — largely not for lack of effort or responsibility on the provider’s part. 


Problems can arise when a patient’s current medication regimen is different than that of the hospital, or they were prescribed the same medication in a second dose unknowingly. These situations are dangerous, and they’re also not easy to detect when establishing communication with members is difficult and their holistic health situations and history are not fully understood.

At Axion, we know medication reconciliation is just one component of many in a multi-faceted member program — but we also understand how crucial it is to achieving compliance and success. That’s why our team handles all of this outreach for you. We’ll make the phone calls and provide the follow up to ensure everything is reconciled effectively and within the required 30 days.


How Axion’s MRP Helps Providers

If medication reconciliation is a challenge that continues to create a gap in your STARS rating and affect your patient’s treatment journey, Axion has the member programs you need. We’ll provide a clinical team that can both handle the reconciliation with your member and connect with the doctor simultaneously, helping you meet the MRP requirement, while saving you time and effort. This can work in two different ways:

1. Axion can manage the process through our proprietary system, which allows us to customize the information and structure based on the individual insurance plan.


  1. If you have your own system that you would prefer we use, Axion will utilize our clinical resources to train our team within your system’s processes.

    Our goal is to support MRP efforts to prevent members from putting themselves in precarious health situations, while helping providers fill the gaps that impact STARS rating. With a specialized and experienced team focused solely on this area, while receiving the skillful preparation, approach, and data tracking that will lead to a more effective impact. 


With the fourth quarter officially underway, Axion can help you elevate your current STARS rating for 2022 before the year ends. We know this is a crucial time of year for your MRP, so let us help you make the most of your efforts to reach your individual goals and maximize the treatment experience for your patients. Contact Axion today to learn more.