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Medicaid Redetermination

Supporting Providers & Their Members through the Medicaid Redetermination Process 


As unemployment rose impetuously during the early months of the COVID pandemic, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act gave states the ability to waive eligibility requirements for Medicaid to assist the millions who lost their jobs — along with their employee-subsidized health insurance.

Now, after three years of new extensions linked to the COVID public health emergency (PHE), the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 is resuming Medicaid eligibility redeterminations as of April 1st, with a 12-month deadline to complete the enrollment process. 

If you’re concerned about having the bandwidth to communicate with your members and provide them the guidance they need to make an informed decision, consider a partner who can do it for you. Axion Contact can be that Partner.

Axion Contact can be a valuable resource to providers during the Medicaid redetermination process, serving as an extension of your team to contact and educate your members on your behalf. We’ll assist your member on how to requalify to determine their eligibility, walk them through the process, and help them re-enroll or understand their options moving forward. You determine the program length, frequency and cadence of follow-ups, call flow, and more, personalizing the outreach strategy to meet your needs.


And you can rest assured that all calling, scripting, training, and eligibility determination will follow the State Medicaid rules and regulations. Through weekly training classes and a database of 3,000 experienced contact professionals, we can help you scale your resources to meet your deadlines without sacrificing the knowledge and compassion members expect with every call. You’ll approve every training material, script, and enrollment system before program launch, so you remain in control while being able to focus on your patient care. 


If you could benefit from the extra support during the Medicaid redetermination process, let Axion help. Learn more about our contact services and how we can assist you today.