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Programs to address post hospital concerns and health follow-up

How Axion is Helping Providers Combat Rising Hospitalization Rates


While the emergency of the COVID pandemic may be in the rear view, hospitalizations in the upcoming year are only expected to increase.  While the virus itself isn’t to blame, the lingering impact of the pandemic is a major culprit. 


For many, the fear of social interactions, let alone stepping foot into a doctor’s office, kept them from seeing their physicians — for both routine check ups or urgent issues. Telehealth became a norm for many, while others simply neglected to maintain their usual care routines. Despite a significantly improved COVID environment, a lot of people — many of which are in complicated disease states — haven’t returned to their general practitioners. And now with Telehealth appointments becoming much more selective, this problem has only been amplified.


Addressing the Broader Issues Behind Increased Hospitalizations 


But the pandemic is not the only cause for these gaps in care., Many individuals simply don’t have a designated practitioner to go to. And for others, it’s the difficulty of getting in to see their busy general practitioner when they really need to. Being told the first available appointment for their current complaint is in three weeks doesn’t work for most — and for those in complicated disease states, it can be very dangerous. As a result, these individuals will head straight to the emergency room — which can also be very costly.

That’s why Axion created specialized services dedicated to closing these gaps in care by providing the support providers need to effectively educate members on the benefits of utilizing their physician network for standard care practices. We help providers stay on top of the curve to proactively reduce the number of hospitalizations and improve their members’ healthcare journeys. 


Concentrated Programs Designed to Address Patient Concerns & Challenges 


Our concentrated programs augment the efforts of providers in the specific areas they need in order to make their members more active in their own preventative care. By better understanding the personal challenges of individual members, Axion helps providers enlighten them with education and resources relevant to their specific needs and concerns. 


When it comes to standard wellness visits, vaccines, and other preventative care measures, Axion’s programs help providers go beyond their standard outreach methods with a combination of clinical and non-clinical communication techniques. From direct mailers to phone calls, emails, and more, we’ll cover member communications from every angle with the right messaging to get office visits scheduled  – and members back in compliance for their health needs to keep them out of the ER. 


In lower income communities where social determinants of health, such as lack of transportation, financial support, or education resources, are the cause for increased hospital visits, Axion can focus our efforts on specifically addressing these barriers by connecting them to programs and local organizations that offer helpful solutions. 


At Axion, our goal is to help providers more effectively engage and communicate with their members so that they can make more informed decisions and be proactive in their care. Learn more about how we can support you.