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Axion Contact works directly with our clients to develop and maintain an active staffing plan based on both projected and actual volumes to maximize results. We work closely with our clients to establish staffing assumptions based on historical trends while prioritizing our clients’ needs. Our staffing model is flexible and adaptable, so that we can best meet the individualized client requirements.


Talent Acquisition
  • Identify applicant
  • Utilize existing database of resources, purchase job board services, referral bonuses, similar client referrals
  • Phone screen to assess for compatibility
  • Set-up link to complete online application
  • Review online application
  • Schedule face-to-face interview with contact center operations team
Talent Development
  • E-verify to ensure employment eligibility
  • Complete compliance portion of application
  • Conduct thorough interview (skill set and behavioral)
  • Administer testing as required
  • Administer training as required
  • Obtain and submit credentials to compliance department for verification and review
  • Conduct background checks/ client specific screenings
  • Introduce viable candidate to contact center operations teams


Axion Contact has a designated state of the art training center where we replicate the live contact center environment to maximize results while minimizing learning curves. We have the ability to run multiple training classes simultaneously to accommodate more employees depending on the project requirements. This provides us with a manageable training environment that can be modified based on our customer’s specifications. Our agents are assigned to a trainer and team and provided with a schedule of training. During this time, performance metrics are reviewed and established with each agent. The agents then undergo training as identified by their specific project. Once training is complete they are released for their specific project. The floor managers will oversee their progress and report back to the agent and their supervisor performance results.

Reporting Capabilities

When you combine state-of-the-art technology with industry contact center leaders the outcome is a reporting package that far exceeds our client’s expectations. Our technology infrastructure allows us the luxury of customizing all reports to ensure you can view the key performance metrics in the format you require, using the timing and delivery method that best meets your needs. During the implementation process you will work with your project management team to customize the reporting package required to manage the business giving you line of sight into the key performance metrics. . Having access to the key performance metrics in a usable, easy to understand format is the key to our success in positively impacting performance on a daily basis. In addition, our robust reporting capabilities is one of the many reasons for our contact center accomplishments.

Axion Contact’s program management philosophy is to fully entrench ourselves into your brand, your training philosophy, and your culture in order to provide the best customer experience call center solution. We then use our tools, systems, real-time reports and coaching methodologies in order to manage the key performance metric results intra-day. All of our performance results can be shared with our clients with the frequency and delivery method that best meets their needs.

We believe communication and feedback are two critical elements to our success… and that providing daily feedback to our team members is the one of the most important components to our success. This approach is one of the reasons why our customer experience and quality assurance scores are above client expectations. If you ever have a chance to visit us you will see and hear our coaches helping our phone agent’s real time as they have questions. Our trainers will be educating new hires or up training existing agents on how to properly handle all aspects of our client’s calls.

Contact us today at (833) 201-7044 to see how we can support your mission of creating the ultimate full-service customerContact Center experience.


Customer Management – Axion Contact believes that it is leadership’s job to provide the call center agents with the right training (length / materials / format), with easy access to the right program information and technology systems tools in order to maximize first call customer resolution. Maximizing first call resolution will naturally increase customer satisfaction scores while reducing contact center staffing and costs.

Lead Management Strategy – Axion Contact’s objective is to leverage our technology intelligence in order to maximize customer contact and engagement rates. We also leverage skills based routing in order to drive key performance metrics. We create a fully customized contact management touch point approach for all of our clients. We base our strategy on the demographics on the customer base, their buying habits, and best time of day to reach customers.

Our Customer approach on all interactions is to provide the following:

Great Customer Service Provide the best, most accurate advice or assistance while interacting with customers or potential customers.

Great Customer Care Listen to our customers, answer their questions, understand their needs and find the right solution. Take care of them during each interaction.

Great Customer Experience The entire customer journey; every interaction; must provide a great service with the proper care.

Budget Conscience Axion Contact is a true partner in every aspect of our relationship. We understand that there are budgets and we are willing to get creative when pricing our services. Your assigned client development manager can walk you through all the various options.

Contact us today at (833) 201-7044 to see how we can support your mission of creating the ultimate full-service customerContact Center experience.


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