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Our technology platform enables us to fully integrate email correspondence into our agents systems so our teams can respond to client customer inquiries in a timely manner. Our email response platforms allows for canned responses as well as customized responses. In addition, we can send out automated emails or confirmation emails which create a fully closed loop customer experience from initial contact up through the last interaction.

  • Canned Responses: responses that are pre-determine and stored in a ready to use database. Enables agents to pick and choose the proper response. Increases efficiencies while cutting down on spelling errors.

  • Customized Customer Response: Agents need to perform research using the information, tools, systems available to them and then type a response to the customer.

  • Triage: Agents will read all incoming emails, respond to emails that fall into their current knowledge base and then forward remaining emails to the appropriate department for response.

  • Appointment Setting: Keep your field sales team's schedules fully booked. This will help to increase revenue, reduce costs and keep your team engaged and satisfied. We will utilize your sales teams availability by booking appointments in the most logistically efficient manner. This will help maximize the number of appointmenta completed per day.

  • Survey: Hear from your current customer base directly to gauge your performance from a customer satisfaction and experience perspective.

  • Appointment Reminder: Remind customers of upcoming appointments to ensure they still plan on attending. Reminder calls are quick, one attempt campaigns that provide dramatic increases in your appointment show rates.

  • Health and Wellness: Axion Contact specialize in healthcare and has created various health and wellness programs. So we know how to speak effectively with members. But we do much more. We get involved by employing a team of clinical staff which can directly provide services. We seamlessly combine non-clinical and clinical functions to schedule appointments or tests, manage chronic conditions, arrange for wellness visits, or survey member satisfaction.


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