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At Axion Contact we provide programs, resources and tools that historically have proven to be essential to our partners. We work with our clients to ensure that their short and long-term goals are met. At AXION Contact, our focus is to provide "360 Customer Service" on every level of our business.

We owe our success to serving our clients based on our core fundamental principles:

  • Speed: We operate as a systematized technology-driven team that exceeds expectations of our clients.

  • Integrity: We have a high company morale which enables our Employees to deliver exceptional customer service.

  • Equilibrium: We provide distinctive and innovative experiences Tailored to both clients and the community.

  • Transparency: We strive to deliver full disclosure to consumers and employees.

  • Utility: We care enough about our brand, so we go above and beyond to provide a happy healthy work culture, so employees can deliver exceptional customer service beneficial to our clients.


Axion Contact works directly with our partner companies to develop and maintain an active staffing plan based on both projected and actual volumes to maximize results. We work closely with our clients to establish staffing assumptions based on historical trends while prioritizing our clients' needs. Our staffing model is flexible and adaptable, so that we can best meet the individualized client requirements.

Axion Contact engages SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in various disciplines nationwide. Healthcare, IT, Marketing, Finance and other professionals are part of this dynamic network. As part of our screening process, the SMEs are available to resource managers, account managers and clients to further qualify requirements and client needs to optimally screen candidates.


1) Talent Acquisition:

  • Identify applicant
  • Utilize existing database of resources, purchase job board services, referral bonuses, similar client referrals
  • Phone screen to assess for compatibility
  • Set-up link to complete online application
  • Review online application
  • Schedule on-site interview

2) Talent Development:

  • Ensure employment eligibility-I9 and W4
  • Complete compliance portion of application
  • Conduct thorough interview (skill set and behavioral)
  • Administer testing as required
  • Administer training as required
  • Obtain and submit credentials to compliance department for verification and review
  • Conduct background checks/ client specific screenings/li>
  • Introduce viable candidate to talent marketer

3) Talent Marketing:

  • Meet with prospective applicant again
  • Reviews interview summary and completes additional client specific screening
  • Reviews potential placement opportunities
  • Assesses compatibility with customer request
  • Administer training as required
  • Prepares synopsis of experience and overall presentation
  • Introduces talent to clients


We at Axion Contact are committed to improve the maturity of our people practices, establish a program for continuous talent development with process improvement, and finally promoting a culture of excellence & innovation. Axion Contact provides an experienced base team through recruitment and retention of the finest talent, talent transformation, trainings and knowledge management.

The contact center team works under the supervision of trained professionals who meet the applicable legal requirements for practice within their professions. We also have specialized supervisory guidance available to the on-duty counselors from industry leading experts with advanced degree in human services and appropriate certification, who are available through on-call consultation.

Our talent transformation team arranges for appropriate technical training for the personnel on induction as well as recurring refresher training sessions, on an as needed basis. We offer a supportive workplace that promotes workforce well-being, we have implemented policies that address and help prevent stress-related problems.

We have a designated state of the art training center that can accommodate12 individuals per training class. We have the ability to run multiple training classes simultaneously to accommodate more employees depending on the project requirements. This provides us with a manageable training environment that can be modified based on our customer's specifications. Every employee of Axion Contact is fully vetted prior to entering our contact center. They undergo intense screening and background check as required by our company policies and any customer specific elements prior to any training. Once vetted they begin the training period.

Our agents are assigned to a trainer and team and provided with a schedule of training. During this time, performance metrics are reviewed and established with each agent. The agents then undergo training as identified by their specific project. Once training is complete they are released for their specific project. The floor managers will oversee their progress and report back to the agent and their supervisor performance results.


When you combine state-of-the-art technology with industry call center and healthcare leaders the outcome is a reporting package that far exceeds our client's requirements. It also allows us the luxury of customizing all reports to ensure you can view the key performance metrics in the format you require, using the timing and delivery method that best meets your needs. During the implementation process you will work with your project management team to customize the reporting package required to manage the business and have line of sight into the key performance metrics. During this time you will also specify the format of the reports (.txt, .csv, Excel), delivery method (email, sftp, secure email) and timing (daily, weekly). Having access to the key performance metrics in a usable, easy to understand format is the key to our success in positively impacting performance on a daily basis. In addition, our robust reporting capabilities is one of the many reasons for our call center accomplishments and has helped us achieve our client goals and thus continue to expand our business with existing clients as well as acquiring new clients.


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